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Nr.1 - August 2020
A novel and unique active(*) integrating dermal and epidermal activities


Volume XXIV Nr.1 - January 2018
Diabetic Skin: Targeted Soothing And Support


Volume XXVIII Nr.2 - December 2016
Effects of human hair and beard growth by topical application of a calibrated blend of botanical extracts


Volume XXVIII Nr.1 - April 2016
Human Stratum Corneum Homeostasis:
the Relevance of Filaggrin and of Inducers of Filaggrin Production


Volume XXVII Nr.2 - December 2012
Cetacene® - A revolutionary change in the formulation of the excipient


Volume XXVII Nr.1 - November 2012
Filagrinol ® - New acquisitions on the mechanism of action of Filagrinol


Skin Sustainability


Natural beauty products or natural cosmetics?


Volume XXVI Nr.2 - December 2011
Safe Neutralization with: DesaDrops®


Acne Proposal for a Cosmetic Treatment


Safe and effective lipids


Volume XXVI Nr.1 - November 2011
Active Epidermal Moisturization:Filagrinol®



Volume XXV Nr.2 - December 2010
The new frontier of skin moisturization: Hyaluramine-S®


Volume XXV Nr.1 - November 2010
Natural beauty products or natural cosmetics



Volume XXIV Nr.2 - December 2009
Integrated Cosmetology


Volume XXIV Nr.1 - November 2009
Xalifin-15 and thermal waters


The role of fibronectin



Volume XXIII Nr.2 - December 2008
Aminoefaderma the nourishing agent


ADF-oleile the dethixotropic agent


Foaming detergents


NEutral SATurated OiL


Auxina Tricogena and Auxina Tricogena Etha Free


Volume XXIII Nr.1 - November 2008


Osmopherine and Osmopherone



Volume XXII Nr.2 - November 2007
ACS-AntiCytoStressor® - The best opportunity to redefine the action of a cosmetic product


Volume XXII Nr.1 - January 2007
Physiologic efficacy and harmlessness in cosmetic hair lotions



Volume XXI Nr.2 - November 2006
Keep up with the change


The effects of eicosanoids on cutaneous microcirculation


Volume XXI Nr.1 - March 2006
Keratin and keratinocytes





Volume XXI Nr.2 - October 2005
Lanolin or Lanolide?


Safe and effective lipids


Volume XX Nr.1 - June 2005
History and up-date on the active principle



Volume XIX Nr.2 - November 2004
Preliminary tests to assess the effectiveness of sunscreens


Skin and sun radiations


Volume XIX Nr.1 - September 2004
Moisturizing a set of problem elements



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