Volume XXVI - Nr.2 - December 2011

Safe Neutralization with DesaDrops®

What is it?

DesaDrops ® is a 40% Desamine® gelled solution.

What’s useful for?

DesaDrops may be used as succedaneous of “classical” neutralizers such as AMP (aminomethylpropanol), TEA, Sodium hydrate, etc. in the same percentages of use. DesaDrops is a very safe product because it does not release any secondary reaction toxic element, such as nitrosamine.

How does it work?

DesaDrops has to be considered as a classical neutralizer; it can substitute, respecting right proportions, the most common neutralizers. It is best practice to check quantities in a laboratory trial before production.

How to use it?

DesaDrops may be used as such to modify and to adjust pH of a solution, an emulsion, a lotion; it may be diluted to gel high concentrated resins and to avoid formation of aggregates.

Why to use it?

DesaDrops has an excellent safety profile (Ref. to Desamine).


DesaDrops is compatible with all resins, gelling agents, new and old conception thickening agents; it’s compatible with the greater number of actives; it gives no salification unwanted reaction.



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