Volume XXVI - Nr.2 - December 2011


Proposal for a Cosmetic Treatment

Acne is a dermatosis characterized by a more or less severe inflammatory process of the hair follicle and the annexed sebaceous gland.
The significant hormonal alterations (androgens, progesterone, puberty, menstrual, pregnancy, menopause), involve changes to the process of keratinization (hyperkeratosis) as on the membrane of keratinocytes resides a specific receptor for the hormones.
The fact that the answer is not homogeneous for all subjects is attributable to the specific bioavailability of these hormones in each individual.
The occlusion of the follicle infundibuli, the excessive production of sebum caused by altered hormonal levels, the thickening of the follicle itself and the subsequent collapse of its parietes, facilitate the development and propagation of anaerobic bacteria (Staphylococcus Epidermidis, Propionibacterium Acnes) and the consequent inflammatory and infectious phenomena.
Parts of the body most affected are the face, shoulders, back and chest with a prevalence in the pectoral region.

The main events encountered are:

  • Seborrhea (increased oiliness of the skin surface);
  • Appearance of comedones (best known as "blackheads");
  • Appearance of papules (best known as inflamed "pimples");
  • Appearance of pustules (i.e papules with the presence of pus).

Fundamental for successful treatment:

  • Prompt Diagnosis (Dermatologist);
  • Prompt Intervention (Dermatological or Functional Cosmetic Coadjuvant);
  • Pertinent Treatment;
  • Prompt Revaluation of the Course.
Acne Treatment

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