Volume XXIV - Nr.1 - November 2009

Xalifin-15 and thermal waters

Skin healing principles of thermal waters using stable and eudermic emulsions

The dermatological properties of thermal waters have recently been re-evaluated and brought to the attention of the demanding users of functional cosmetics. By means of a simple technique, and with the help of Xalifin-15® (Vevy codex 02.0151), it is possible to obtain active, stable, non greasy, highly penetrable emulsions.

Xalifin-15, which is already well known for its emulsifying properties, allows us to produce stable emulsions, even when starting from a continuous phase, i.e., water, provided that it is highly saline. This leads to the formation of an emulsion which, although not refined by further homogenization, cools at room temperature and results in a stable product.

One hundred kilos of this cream are produced with 15-20 Kg of Xalifin-15 and 85-80 Kg of thermal waters. Therefore, 80% of the resulting solid emulsion is made up of an active component, while the remaining 20 % is made up of a bioemulgoid that also works as an excipient deep below the skin's surface.

The emulsions that are obtained can safely be used on sensitive or irritated skin as well as on skin suffering from various dermatological conditions, and on the skin of babies which is often subject to local reactivity.

Therefore, the activity of the emulsion varies depending on the characteristics of the thermal water source.

The first and innovative emulsifier non toxic for skin enzymes (Bioemulgoid).
An effective, powerful and safe answer to your emulsifying problems.
With Xalifin-15 creams and lotions stay stable, even with the most difficult materials to emulsify.

However, it must be kept in mind that the hydrotherapeutic activity of any given type of water cannot be assessed on the basis of its mineral content or on the quality of the mineral content alone. It is beyond a doubt that thermal water acts at skin level. The dermotropic activity that many thermal waters themselves exert, even without any particular carriers, can easily be verified and not only empirically, and this activity cannot be solely attributed to the mineral content of these waters.

We may therefore obtain emulsions that exert a more medicamentous action. The effects that some waters have on various conditions, such as itchiness, moist eczemas (some known thermal water sources are effective even in acute, chronic or relapsing eczema), neurodermatitis, plaque psoriasis, keratosis, follicular seborrheic dermatitis, pruriginous chronic dermatitis occurring in those affected by arthritis or hyperuricemia, and a long list of others, is certainly well known. Similarly, lenitive, non-irritating cosmetologic emulsions can be prepared which would therefore be more broadly and freely available.



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