Volume XXIII - Nr.2 - December 2008

NEutral SATurated OiL: NESATOL

Is there any vegetable oil that doesn't need to be protected against rancidity?

NesatolĀ® (Vevy codex 03.0197) is the only one polytriglyceride C12-C18 synthetically repeating the typical characteristics of natural oils without any unsaturated links (max. iodine number=15). Nesatol stands for NEutral SATurated OiL.
Its saturation, the absence of short chain fatty acids, the observation of well defined proportions between its various long-chain fatty acid constituents and the cautions presence of saturated isomers make this oil best suited for skin applications. Another product-plus are its constant chemico-physical characteristics.

The lipidic fraction of vegetables applied in cosmetic treatment: an original idea from Vevy Europe with a strict experimental and analytic verification.

What means a cosmetic oil-skin relationship?
The oils used for cosmetic preparations are not inert or not relevant for the skin. Although the formulator is essentially interested in their diluting or solvent or emollient role, the biologic response of the skin is not univocal and may vary according to the chemical structure of the oil.

Some oil categories promote undesired effects such as comedogenesis effects caused by the release of short straight chain acids (C8-C10) or branched chain acids (isoC16-isoC18); or protein denaturation of the skin due to high C12 release; or lipoperoxidation caused by the presence of unsaturated fatty acids; or acanthosis, down growth or enzymic blocking caused by oils not having a triglyceride structure.

Nesatol has none of these drawbacks and may be considered as a dermocompatible and easy use Natural Problem-Free Ingredient (NPFI).



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