Volume XXIII - Nr.2 - December 2008


The nourishing agent

The balanced application of polyproline and EFA contributes to the stimulation of the cells of both epidermis and dermis. EFA are essential in maintaining the right skin softness and moisture level, since they prevent dehydration by contributing to the harmonious union of the membrane. Polyproline helps in the formation of new collagen fibrils by stimulating its synthesis in areas where they are reduced, thereby delaying the aging process in less elastic areas.

Skin eutrophic effect of Aminoefaderma® (Vevy codex 18.1599).

Activity evaluation:

  1. study on the inhibitory effect on the acanthosis induced by castor oil and petrolatum;
  2. radiographic evaluation of the rate of skin absorption of labelled Aminoefaderma ;
  3. histochemical studies;
  4. clinical double-blind study in man.



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