Volume XXI - Nr.1 - March 2006


Research carried out at our laboratories was led to the finding of a major scientific datum which might influence future formulations engineered for the skin. It has been proven that the keratinocytes of the epidermis can autonomously produce stress hormones.

More precisely, we ascertained that the epidermis reacts to stress-generating stimuli by locally producing catecholamines (Noradrenaline, Adrenaline and Dopamine).

Cutaneous stress may therefore also be caused by local agents (idiopathic stress) and not only as the result of the individual’s general stress (skin of a stressed person). After identifying the formation phases of stress-related hormones, we formulated a substance which can prevent their formation in a particular phase. We obtained this substance from molecules belonging to the vegetable kingdom by peptide-based synthesis.

This substance has been marked by the abbreviation ACS which corresponds to the registered trademark AntiCytoStressor® (Vevy Codex 13.4566) . Its action promotes an overall bio regulation, which follows and respects the physiologic mechanisms of the skin, thus preventing the alterations triggered by stress-related hormones, and therefore becoming resolutive as a reconstitutive/reparative and protective/preventive agent in both local treatment systems.



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